Friday, 8 May 2009

What is important and what is not?

What is important and what is not? What matters? What does not matter?


Anonymous said...

[Unfortunately?] I believe the answer is always going to be subjective.

Andrew - I got here via a search for Rilke's poem "You see, I want a lot...". I watched the video of your reciting the poem - it was nothing short of stunning, truly..I almost began crying [not with sadness, but because you SO got it, as it were, so wondrously articulated it [regarding my sensibility anyway...]. There was a literal rush all through my body that almost emerged from beneath my lids. That poem has been - O, how can I say? It has woken me to life so many times since I first heard it - at a reading of Bly's in 1980. A gem of supreme vision indeed!

Thank you -

Andrew said...

Thank you so much for your kind appreciation, Cleo. I am so glad you the video made a difference to you.

Anyone reading this who is wondering what Cleo is referring to, you can look at that video here:
Rilke - You see I want a lot