Friday, 5 July 2013

What are your top 10 best questions to ask someone, in order to get to know them better?

OK here is my top 10:

(1) How was your day? (in the evening)

(2) How is your day going to be? (in the morning)

(3) Where are you going to on this fine morning? (only ask in the evening - otherwise it is not funny)

(4) If your life was a movie what sort of movie would it be? Hollywood blockbuster, action adventure or weird german intellectual bonkersness? (Don't actually say the second question, I'm just providing it for illustration purposes.) 

(5) Awkward silence (wait for them to say something - maybe smile if they are lucky)

(6) Would you like to dance? (only ask this in the cinema - see 3)

(7) How did you get to be so beautiful/elegant/witty etc? (Are your parents both supermodels/ballet dancers/script writers?) ... works with any kind of compliment.

(8) What's your favourite computer programming language? (see 3)

(9) What kind of stereotypes do you think people assign to you?
(9a) What is it about you that means you do not in fact fit any of those stereotypes?

(10) What do you like about your life?
(10a) What don't you like about your life? (Only for brave people)

(11) When the leisure society finally arrives (after the singularity - ie. you won't HAVE to do anything anymore) what will you do with your time?

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