Monday, 2 February 2009

Why is there anything rather than nothing?

Why is there anything rather than nothing?
Why should there not be?
Why is there SO MUCH rather than nothing?
Why is the universe SO (unnecessarily) BIG?
Is someone whose name begins with "g" trying to make a point about their magnificence? 8-)


Unknown said...

One of your country's geniusses actually said it all:
„The universe is simply what would appear if it could. (…) What cannot possibly be anything comes to appear as if it was something. (…) In reality there never was, never could be, never will be anything at all.
There! You always knew this. No other answer makes sense.“
George Spencer-Brown, Laws of Form

Andrew said...

Fritz, I found two references to your quote and thought it might be useful to post them here.

Form and Medium by Michaelschiltz and George Spencer Brown -
Laws of Form

Also I wrote a post in response to this question on another blog... I mostly only post questions on this blog... I post answers elsewhere... 8-)

That post is here: The heart of being - why is there anything rather than nothing?