Thursday, 29 January 2009

What is the difference between "opinions" and "facts"?

What is the difference between "opinions" and "facts"? Is there a difference? Can a "fact" exist in isolation without an accompanying agenda? Or does it only occur at all from the perspective of a particular agenda? Can a fact not ever be agenda-neutral? Are some facts more fact-like than other facts?

What would be a useful way to cast the difference between opinions and facts? Could it be useful to draw out a distinction between opinions and facts? What might it be useful for?

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Anonymous said...

If we assume, as I do, that there is an objective reality that we are able to discover, then the difference between an opinion and a fact is the degree to which each is known or "proven" to correlate with that objective reality. A fact is believed to have a close correlation; an opinion is less certain.